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So it has become obvious that a divorce is inevitable. You never dreamt it would come to this when you said I do at the altar but it has. How do you prevent yourself from making the same mistakes that led to your divorce in the first place? You need to face reality, prepare yourself and get some divorce help for men.

Below are 3 steps that you can implement right away but later on in the article I will reveal a resource that could make the difference between you winning in the divorce courts or losing everything you have ever worked for and cherished to your wife.

1. Do not move out of the house: The thought of continuing to live under the same roof as the woman you know you will soon be parting with can be a daunting one. This can be all the more difficult if the atmosphere is tense and uncomfortable, but it is important that you do not pack out of your matrimonial home.

Packing out, especially before any divorce hearing sends out the wrong signal. The signal it sends out is that you are financially able to afford another accommodation and that you don’t mind your soon to be ex-wife getting the home you once shared.

So no matter how difficult it seems, it is important that you continue to live in that house until your divorce is finalised.

2. Set up a PO box or get an alternative address for all your correspondence: Make sure you change your correspondence address once you know that a divorce is inevitable.

Women are very curious and calculating creatures and your soon to be ex-wife will start poking her nose around everything that concerns you. She will start looking for evidence and information that will help her win in the divorce courts. Do not hand it to her on a platter of gold.

Set up a PO Box for all your correspondence as soon as possible, that way she does not know what you are planning or what your divorce strategies are.

The last but not the least divorce help for men is:

3. Do not sign anything any documentation (A binding document does not have to look like one!): It is important that you do not sign any papers or documentation your wife your present to you until you have run it by your divorce lawyer first, no matter how innocent or harmless it looks. Always remember a binding document does not have to look like one.

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